Leanne’s therapy is optimistic and acknowledges a person’s strengths while providing practical tools to assist the individual in overcoming the challenges they face. Counselling is opportunity for clients to be assisted in dealing with their personal and interpersonal challenges by a supportive and well trained therapist. Click on the image to learn more. Leanne has 3 office locations to serve you. Click on the image for a complete list. Taking the first step to counselling can be difficult. Allow Leanne to take the journey of self discovery and healing with you. Together you will achieve your therapeutic goals. Click on the image to contact me.
Take the first step on the road to healing.
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You decided to take the first step to a more fulfilled life. My goal is to support you through this journey with a professional eye and provide you with tools and insights to empower growth and enrich your emotional wellness. My experience and training draw on your own abilities to effect a positive change. With my expert and supportive guidance you will reach your personal best.


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